Year of establishment: 1992

The medium-sized shipping company BD-Shipsnavo GmbH & Co. Reederei KG, managed as a family business, can proudly look back on a long-standing maritime tradition. Even the grandparents and great-grandparents, "Bernhard Schepers" and "Helena Schepers," of today's BD-Shipsnavo by Bernhard Dopp, Peter Dopp, and Christian Dopp, were involved in maritime shipping with their sailing vessels.

The foundation for the shipping company, now managed in its fifth generation, was laid by Captain Heinrich Schepers in 1885 with the acquisition of the Tjalk "MARIA." On October 27, 1889, the sailing vessel ran aground during a severe storm off Norderney. All crew members perished at sea.

His son, Captain Bernhard Schepers (*1887), followed in his father's footsteps in 1913 by acquiring the sailing ship "MARIA ELISE." The ship was later converted into a motor sailer.

May 1940

In May 1940, Captain Heinrich Dopp began sailing on the ship of his future father-in-law. Through his marriage to Maria Schepers, the daughter of the owner, the family business Schepers/Dopp was continued. In 1954, he became captain of the coastal motor ship "HELENA SCHEPERS".


With a generational change in 1965, the ship "BERNHARD SCHEPERS" came into the possession of the Heinrich Dopp family, and the "HELENA SCHEPERS" to the Heinrich Schepers family. The MS "BERNHARD SCHEPERS" was used for international voyages. At the same time, his son, Bernhard Dopp, began his training to become a captain.

01.08. 1983

On August 1, 1983, Captain Bernhard Dopp took over his father's ship. In 1986, it was sold to Denmark.

The old tonnage was replaced by the newbuild MARIA D. With the founding of the shipping company BD-Navis Bereederungs GmbH in 1992, the management of four additional ships was assumed.

05.04. 2000

The transformation of the company into the limited partnership BD Shipsnavo GmbH & Co. Reederei KG was registered in the commercial register on April 5, 2000. In early 2005, the CHRISTIAN D. was acquired and deployed in worldwide voyages.

In mid-2006, the fleet was expanded through the purchase of four 737 TEU container sister ships. Before the financial crisis, they were sold profitably within Germany in early 2008.


At the end of 2007, the shipping company moved with its team to the new shipping office building located at Kruppstraße 10 in Haren (Ems).


Starting from 2010, the shipping fleet was enlarged with two MPP-Heavy Lift vessels of 12,800 tdw and two MPP vessels of 9,000 tdw and 6,000 tdw.


Today, the "successors" of the shipping company, Dipl. Ing. Peter Dopp and BA Christian Dopp, continue the maritime family tradition with BD-Shipsnavo GmbH & Co. Reederei KG. Modern MPP vessels are managed.

Dipl. Ing. Peter Dopp obtained his Captain's license AG through the traditional training as a ship mechanic at the Seafaring School in Leer. He learned the profession from scratch on various ships of other German shipping companies. In his position as a captain, he gained extensive experience in worldwide container and MPP voyages. In the current shipping operation, he oversees the nautical and technical aspects of the shipping companies.

Following his training in tax advisory professions, BA Christian Dopp successfully completed his business studies at the University of Münster and Bocholt. He acquired extensive knowledge in the commercial management of the shipping business in the family business. He ensures the financial and commercial management of the shipping business.

Captain Bernhard Dopp, with his decades of maritime experience, remains actively involved in the shipping company to this day and is a valued interlocutor and advisor to his sons.