Ship Management


Capabilities and efficiency are not about size – on the contrary. The shipping company BD-Shipsnavo GmbH & Co Reederei KG has proven ever since its founding in 1992 that a moderately sized fleet, specialisation and slim-line organisation with clear structures and areas of expertise are a guarantee for sustainable financial success. The company is a traditional family-owned shipping firm that is managed by the Dopp family in the second and third generation. Bernhard and Peter Dopp are both skippers with a wealth of experience in nautical and technical fields, as well as a global network of contacts that makes the shipping company a provider of global maritime transport services. As a qualified business expert, Christian Dopp is responsible for the commercial aspect of operations.


A service provider specialised in the global operational management of sea-faring vessels in selected market segments, offering first-class service, the highest degree of reliability and high technical fleet standards, alongside modern information systems and efficient cost controlling.


To manage a fleet of up to a maximum of 15 modern ships and continue to develop its services together with clients to strengthen and expand upon its added value and competitiveness in the long term. Transparency, openness and honesty along with a mutual problem-solving approach are just as fundamental a part of our business operations as adherence to international environmental agreements.


  • Its country of origin Germany, as Germany has a reputation for precision and diligence. And for the location of Haren, the third largest centre of maritime trade in Germany with centuries of tradition and consolidated know-how in all aspects of the shipping industry.

  • Openness to new ideas and innovations, without acting in a reckless and imprudent way. Think first, then take action and move full steam ahead!

  • A respect for the cultures, customs and laws of all countries.

  • Fair and respectful treatment of everybody. This involves an open and trusting dialogue with clients and employees in particular. They are encouraged to contribute their own individual potential for the success of everyone and to show self-initiative and entrepreneurial spirit.